De verschillende soorten website design


With a carefully designed website design you can really make an impression. A website offers a platform with which you can tell everything about your company. So you can spend quite a bit of time on it. There are different types of design that you can apply to your website. Take a look at our list and find out which type of design works best for your company.


Responsive design

We start with the most modern kind of website. A responsive design is widely used nowadays and is the most popular choice. Online casinos such as Casino777, for example, use a responsive design to give customers the very best experience. This design changes depending on the size of the browser so that you as a visitor can make optimal use of the website. A responsive design fills the screen perfectly. This way, the design is always the right size, regardless of whether you visit the website on your phone or laptop. The text is automatically adjusted and the images are also displayed at the correct scale. Everything remains in proportion so that visitors can easily read the information on your website. Most companies benefit from a responsive design.


Single page design

If you only have concise information to mention, then a single page design is sufficient. These companies know how to display all the necessary information on one page. This design should not be too long, because then visitors have to scroll unnecessarily long. Thanks to the linear design, you can display a storyline well. This makes it ideal to tell the story of the company. Often you see that a website with a single page also has a navigation menu on the left or right side of the page. With the help of this menu you can find specific points on the page in just a mouse click.


Static design

A static website is static in the sense that there is little user interaction possible in the design. So the design actually remains consistent across all platforms. For a static website, you often only need a basic code so that the website can be created quickly. This simple model is easy to operate and is perfect for listing information. Furthermore, a static website has a permanent width regardless of the type of browser or device. The design does not automatically adapt as we are used to nowadays. That is why a static design is hardly used anymore.


Liquid design

A liquid design or a fluid design uses flexible elements rather than solid elements such as a static layout. Because the elements are flexible, the website automatically adapts to the size of the screen of the device. The user experience is very important and therefore it is very important that the design adapts to the size of the image. However, a liquid design does not always display the website very nicely. That is why a lot of companies prefer a dynamic or responsive design.


Dynamic design

This is, of course, the opposite of a static website. For users, this type of design is a lot more exciting and interactive. Of course, this also means that it takes a bit more time to create such a website. The advantage, however, is that a dynamic design is more versatile. It is important that you have a dynamic website built by a good company. Because of the additions, it can have a longer loading time. To prevent visitors from experiencing problems, it is important that the code for the web design is in order. Furthermore, a dynamic design is definitely recommended for people who have extensive knowledge about HTML.